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Gynaecologist turned Drifter: My experience directing the BMW mini-series.

From the moment I learned about the gynaecologist's story, I was captivated by the unexpected connection between his medical profession and his love for drifting. It was a narrative that both BMW and I thought would be a great story to showcase the brand with such an interesting personal story.

One of the initial challenges I faced was capturing the essence of his experiences and conveying Doron's (The doctor's) emotions associated with his transformation from a doctor to a drifting enthusiast. Through several interviews, I delved into his motivations, struggles, and the pivotal moments that shaped his decision to pursue drifting. It was important for me to create a narrative that resonated with both car enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with the sport.

Visually, the documentary posed its own set of challenges. The high-speed nature of drifting required careful planning and coordination to capture the adrenaline-fueled moments on camera. From tracking shots to special FPV drone footage, I wanted to immerse the audience in the exhilaration and intensity of drifting while maintaining a strong connection to the protagonist's personal journey.

During the editing process, I focused on creating a seamless blend of personal storytelling and cinematic flair. I wanted to showcase Doron's passion for drifting, his dedication to building his own drift car, and the emotions that ran through him along the way. It was important to strike a balance between his medical profession and his newfound pursuit, highlighting the parallels and the transformative power of following one's passion.

As I worked on the documentary, I couldn't help but be inspired by Doron's positive attitude and determination to pursue his dreams and finish this project, (despite all the set-backs). Witnessing his journey unfold on screen, from his initial encounter with drifting in Budapest to the final moments of him drifting his own car, filled me with a sense of admiration.

This documentary project taught me the power of passion and persistence, which allowed me to bring it back to my career. It reminded me that the pursuit of a dream always leads to personal growth within us. I hope that this documentary, with its emotional storytelling and visually captivating moments, will inspire viewers to embrace their passions and take bold steps towards their own aspirations.

If there's anything specific you'd like to know about the process, additional details, or any particular challenges faced during the filming or editing, please let me know.

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