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ASK Yourself


'Ask yourself is a thought-provoking Nike spec commercial that challenges societal norms by highlighting how often we seek external validation and opinions. Encouraging us to look inside, the campaign emphasizes that we possess the answers within ourselves. By urging viewers to look inward, we aimed to empower individuals to trust their instincts and make independent choices. The commercial's powerful message resonates with those who aspire to be self-reliant and embrace their inner wisdom.


The project

Our company embarked on an exciting endeavor to create a spec ad for Nike, a project that required meticulous planning and coordination. The goal was to showcase our creative vision while capturing the essence of the Nike brand. However, we encountered several challenges along the way!

One of the major hurdles we faced was finding and organizing the ideal location for the shoot. We needed a space that would seamlessly align with Nike's dynamic and energetic image. After an exhaustive search, we successfully secured a stunning urban setting that perfectly reflected the desired aesthetic. This involved negotiating and obtaining permits, and coordinating logistics to ensure a smooth shooting experience.

Another significant challenge was identifying the right talent to bring our vision to life. We understood the importance of selecting individuals who not only possessed the required physicality but also exuded the spirit of athleticism and determination that embodies Nike.

Ultimately, we successfully overcame these challenges through our unwavering dedication, resourcefulness, and commitment to excellence. The result was a compelling spec ad that captured the essence of Nike's brand and showcased our team's creativity and technical expertise. We are proud of the collective effort and collaboration that made this project a success, and we are excited to continue pushing boundaries in our future endeavors.

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